Alaia Audio announces the introduction of its “Ekahi” two way stand mounted loudspeaker. The Ekahi speaker is design to give a full rich and natural sound for your musical enjoyment. The Ekahi speakers will retail for under $8900 for standard finishes and $9300 for high gloss finishes including stands.

                Designed by Bill Sarette owner of Alaia Audio. The Ekahi has been years in the making. It employs unique design ideas to reduce cabinet vibrations that could color the sound from the loudspeaker. With the use of multiple layer construction of the cabinet. Multiple materials are used to reduce resonance of the cabinet. Driver mount isolation (DMI) is used to reduce driver interaction with the cabinet. A spherical woofer chamber is used to reduce standing waves. Separate chambers for the woofer and tweeter avoid any mixing of sound at the crossover regions. All these design techniques come together to form an experience where the loudspeaker fades away and the music shines through.

                Asked about the Ekahi loudspeaker. Bill Sarette said, “It’s a high quality two-way speaker that delivers a natural sound that is uncolored by the cabinet. This allows the drivers to do their job with minimal cabinet interference. This in turn brings out a detail in the soundstage where instruments sound natural. They standout, not smeared with the instrument next to it. This gives you a realistic sound stage and brings you closer to the recorded performance.”

                Alaia Audio expects to be shipping the Ekahi speaker in mid-August. Sales of Alaia Audio products are made via our website (below).

                Alaia Audio will premier the Ekahi at The Home Entertainment Show in Long Beach, California on June 7, 8 and 9. Please join us in room 407 for an Ekahi musical experience. We will be playing our music through the critically acclaimed Verito 1 integrated amplifier designed and built by Bill Hutchins of LKV Research.

Alaia Audio is based in Chandler, Arizona, where all products are designed and built. For more information, see our Alaia Audio website:  or send and email to If you would like to speak directly with us to answer any questions. Our phone number is 480-304-5533

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