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Alaia (“ah-lye-a”) Audio was born from a lifelong love of music and audio speaker systems. As a child, I listened to my parents’ albums on their center console and later to tapes on my father’s reel to reel.  This enjoyment of music has always stayed with me, but my view of superb sound was changed when a friend introduced me to the world of high-end stereo and I became fascinated with speaker design. After years of studying various manufacturers and their techniques, I began to draw and designed what eventually evolved into these uniquely shaped speakers. The objective was to create an efficient, attractive, and natural sounding home audio speaker. An avid woodworker, I wanted wood to be the medium of my design. The end result is reminiscent of the wooden surfboards originally used by the Hawaiians in the 19th century, called “alaia.”

Production began in my garage as I transformed my design and ideas into a finished product. My process was further refined when joining a maker space. There I was able to have access to CNC machines, laser cutters and 3-D printers and so much more than your standard garage home workshop. With the access to this equipment I was able to go from cutting out speaker cabinet parts using saws and templets to CNC machining our cabinet parts we use. We have now moved into our own small facility to manufacture our speakers. We also try to source as many parts locally that goes into our product. Our goal at Alaia Audio is to create a quality product that will last for generations.

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